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Lori Eschler FrystakLori-Eschler-Frystak-headshot

I grew up in Montana, surrounded by plenty of lilacs, buttercups, peonies, wild gooseberries, chokecherries, morel mushrooms, and wild rose bushes. I started gathering and arranging my bounty in buckets and jars at an early age.

I have lived in southern California most of my adult life. I play several instruments, have a degree in theatre from MSU, and enjoyed a successful career as a film music editor. Since reuniting with flowers, I once again am mesmerized by the elegant gifts of nature. I’m fascinated by floral design that honors the flower or plant as it exists in its authentic form. I’m amazed by the subtleties in color and texture and fragrance within a single bloom. I love getting to know a flower by watching its inevitable process as it opens to its fullest and eventually withers towards death. I use local and native flora as much as possible. 

I studied floral design with Françoise Weeks, Holly Heider Chapple, Nicolette Owen, Sarah Ryhanen, and Sarinya Villanueva, all of whom have inspired me with their generous spirits and mind blowing talent.  In January 2014 I became a member of The Chapel Designers.

My company Blossom Alliance provides complete floral services for any event or film shoot in the Los Angeles area. We are happy to travel, too. We love working with each client to crystalize her or his vision. We are big picture problem solvers. Is your space bigger than your budget?  Is your mom allergic to flowers?  (mine was)  We care deeply about creating floral arrangements that will elevate your message or event. 

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